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Welcome by the Director-General

  • The General Military Academy gives you the warmest welcome to its website, and takes advantage of the opportunity provided by new technologies to bring you closer and make you aware of this educational center that, since its foundation in 1882 and through its three periods of activity, has trained more than 29,000 officers of the Army,  Civil Guard and Common Bodies of the Armed Forces.

    Our goal is to obtain officers endowed with an excellent multidisciplinary training, which addresses technical, scientific and humanistic aspects, a careful tactical and physical preparation, and a solid moral base, accredited by the practice of the virtues that have always characterized the military institution and that have their reflection in our beloved Decalogue of the Cadet, which as a Hippocratic oath must mark the way of proceeding of the Cadets throughout their military life.  Officers prepared to manage the day-to-day life of the units, but also able to lead teams in complex situations, make difficult decisions and take full responsibility for their consequences. Officers, in short, whose vocation and permanent objective is always the best service to Spain.  

    For this I have an excellent work team, fully committed to our mission, composed of professionals with high training, great experience and a deep knowledge of all facets of our Army. The exceptional work carried out by the military and civilian personnel of the center, both the teacher and the one dedicated to support tasks, allows us to continue progressing year after year in the search for excellence.

    The Academy, as part of its training work and dissemination of the Culture of Defense, also develops multiple activities such as courses, seminars, conferences and informative days, organized in collaboration with centers and entities of recognized prestige. It is my intention to keep on these pages updated information about these activities, for all those who wish to take part in them.

    I hope you enjoy your tour of our website. The entire team of professionals that make up the General Military Academy are at your disposal to clarify any questions that may arise in order to contribute to improving the knowledge of this teaching center and our Armed Forces in general

    Best regards. 

    General Director Manuel Pérez López

    General Director Manuel Pérez López