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Publicaciones de la Academia General Militar

Publications from the Academia General Militar

The Academia General Militar releases two kinds of publications: the quarterly magazine Revista Armas y Cuerpos and the monthly newsletter Suplemento Armas y Cuerpos.

1.- Revista Armas y Cuerpos (Magazine ‘Arms and Corps’) which has been published since 1952 with the main aim of contributing to the spread of military and civilian knowledge related to the improvement of the all-round formation of the officer cadets from the Academia General Militar. It is also a means of communication of all the interests and initiatives produced in the academic environment.


This quarterly publication can be looked up at Catálogo de Publicaciones del Ministerio de Defensa (Catalogue of Publications from the Ministry of Defence).

Revista Armas y Cuerpos

2.- Suplemento Armas y Cuerpos  (Newsletter ‘Arms and Corps’) aims to show the daily work of the Academia General Militar staff, especially that of its cadets, inside and outside. Besides, it also highlights the extraordinary and important events that take place at the Academy.


This Newsletter is published monthly and can only be consulted on the Ministry of Defense intranet.

Sumplemento Armas y Cuerpos

In turn, this Center has recently created an interesting publication on the events and exploits of Spanish heroes, entitled Semblanzas de héroes españoles (Semblances of Spanish heroes). It is a compilation book on actions carried out by brave and valiant Spaniards, some of them not well-known, which aims to reinforce the values formation of future Army officers.

 Semblanza de héroes españoles