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  • The Academia General Militar is commanded by a Brigadier General of the Army, who, in turn, is the Commandant of the Center. The organization of the Academy is divided into six major departments:

    1.    Advisory and support organs dependent directly from the General Director:
    o   Headquarters: It is the main advisory body of the General Director.
    o   Finance Section: It manages all the financial resources allocated to the AGM.
    o   Institutional Support Office to the Military Commandant: It provides support and advice to the Commandant in the performance of his duties as Military Commandant of Zaragoza and Teruel.
    o   Non-Commissioned-Officership: It advises on enlisted personnel. It is the element linking element with them.
    o   Legal Advisory: It provides legal advice to the General Director.
    o   Private Secretariat.
    o   Director of Studies: It manages all about Curriculum, Cadet Corps and Faculty. It organically fits to all students.
    2.    Head of Support and Services: It provides support for military training and services to the Academy.
    3.    Music Unit: It coordinates and executes all the tasks concerning military music events and concerts.
    4.    Libraries and Museum: It manages bibliographic and museum collections of this academic Center.
    5.    “Cátedra Cervantes (Chair)”: it organizes and coordinates the series of lectures, the International Defense Course and directs the Journal and the Supplement “Armas y Cuerpos (Arms and Corps) with the aim of contributing to the whole-meaning training, promoting the dissemination of culture of defense.