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Laws which apply to the Army in relation to organization, structure, military personnel, payment, occupational risks, honours and prizes.  ( continue reading )

reservistasVoluntary Reservists

The voluntary reserve has been created to meet a defense need already met in other countries in order to reinforce the Armed Forces’ abilities and cope with the commitments made by the government. (continue reading)

agmTraining centres

List of military training centres and links to their web pages. (Continue reading)

calendario juras banderaPledge of allegiance to the Spanish flag

Schedule of pledges of allegiance for civilian personnel (Continue reading) 


Answer a directive from the Chief of Staff of the Army to define the Army’s essential values, thereby helping us to know them better, to identify with them more and to encourage their practice.  (Continue reading)

escudos de armasCoat of arms

Officially sanctioned coats of arms from army units (Continue reading) 


Emblems in the Army (Continue reading) 


Badges and positions

Badges of officers, non-commissioned officers and tropos  (Continue  reading)

Web del JEME

Web del Suboficial Mayor

Access to the microsite

Acceso a Ejército profesional

Salidas profesionales para el personal Militar

Dirección de Asistencia al Personal

Available applications for mobile devices

The personnel's Command has created applications for mobile phone which make easier to join the Spanish Army and to get information about the personnel's facilities.


  • Available AppsSpanish Army's Recruitment App