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  • The Music Unit of the Academia General Militar dates back to 1882, when the Academy was created and settled in Toledo. At the end of the First Epoch it was decided that the Music Unit would be part of the recently created Infantry Academy.

    On February 20th 1927, the AGM, located in Zaragoza, resumed its activities. It was the beginning of the Second Epoch in which its corresponding Music Unit took part until its dissolution in 1931.

    The AGM opened its doors again on September 15th 1942, thus beginning the Third Epoch, which has lasted until nowadays. It has counted on a Music Unit which had successively provided services at the Infantry Cadets’ Academy (1937-39) and at the Academy of Transformation of Infantry Professional Officers (1939-42). From that moment on, the history of the Music Band has been inextricably linked to the AGM

    Christmas Concert for the benefit of Santo Refugio charity.
    Christmas Concert for the benefit of “Santo Refugio” charity. (Photo: AGM)

    This Unit has participated in all the ceremonial events organized by the Academia General Militar, from the Handing-Over of the Flag donated by Queen María Cristina (1886), to both the most recent Pledge of Allegiance and the Passing-out Ceremony of His Majesty King Felipe VI , being then Prince of Asturias, and formerly, the military ceremonies of His Majesty King Juan Carlos I.

    In addition to complying with all the ceremonial of the Academy and attending to all the military events organized by the Military Commandant, in Zaragoza, the Music Unit has recorded for TVE and radio channels, and has performed several tours throughout Spain offering concerts in such important places as the Manuel de Falla Auditorium in Granada, the Auditorium in Zaragoza, the Palau de la Música in Barcelona, or the Baluarte Auditorium in Pamplona. It stands out the performance of the unit of Music together with the United States Army Band in a concert performed in 1988 in Washington.

     The Music Unit is giving a concert at the auditorium of the Academy.
    The Music Unit is giving a concert at the auditorium of the Academy. (Foto: AGM)

    All members of the Unit are in possession of the required qualifications to be part of it either as members of the Military Music Corps or as Enlisted Professional Musicians of the Army.