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Spanish Army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish Army

Ejército de Tierra

Escudo AGM

Academia General Militar.


From the historical point of view, there is no information on the existence of the Academia General Militar Museum either during the 1st Epoch from 1882 to 1893 when it was located in Toledo, or throughout its 2nd Epoch from 1927 to 1931 when it was placed in Zaragoza. The first known embryo of the Academia General Militar Museum goes back to its 3rd Epoch in 1947. General Santiago Amado Loriga was the Commandant of the Academia General Militar in those days, and it was him who initiated the project supported by the Spanish Head of State, the Mayor of the City Hall of Zaragoza and many other local entities. In 1947, Official Journal nº 34, in its section Organization/Museums publishes the creation of the Academia General Militar Museum, better known as "Museo de los Sitios" being subsidiary and dependent of the Army Museum. The main objective of the newborn museum was to collect weapons, illustrations and various objects related to that feat. Unfortunately in 1950 and for unknown reasons this museum was dismantled and its collections were returned to their places of origin.


In 1962, General Eduardo de Madariaga Rodríguez, as Commandant of the Academia General Militar began to forge what became the current museum. This new museum saw the light in 1964 being Commandant of the Academia General Militar, General Carlos Iniesta Cano. New premises were conditioned to safeguard all those memories related to the different military colleges and academies.

This Academia General Militar Museum Heritage, recent denomination of our Museum to be framed in the museum heritage of the Ministry of Defense, is made up of 8 halls.

The first one, "The Entrance Hall", contains the current uniforms of the Academia General Militar and the stained-glass windows with the Patron Saints from the Arms and Corps of the Spanish Army

The second hall, called "The Education Hall" is devoted to the specific contents of the Military Education from the First General Military College in Sevilla (1809) to the Third Epoch of the Academia General Militar (Present Period), with the corresponding military uniforms, some diverse curiosities, and different funds from each Academy.

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