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Parades and Ceremonies

The Sabre Ceremony

This event, which normally takes place in October, symbolizes the acquisition of the title of Cadet, which ends up with the Sabre Ceremony, symbol of the status of Officer.

With this title, the cadets acquire the obligation to embrace the ideals of honor, courage and loyalty included in the Cadet Decalogue.

Sabre Ceremony
Sabre Ceremony. (Photo: AGM)

All the newly admitted cadets receive a sabre from the second year cadets. This event portrays the comradeship and guardianship that must exist between the veteran and the new ones.

In the development of the event, the valedictorians of each class give speeches highlighting, on the one hand, the life of service, dedication, selflessness and abnegation and, on the other hand, the firm commitment to face the harshness of military life to become good officers.

The handing-over of Sabres between the valedictorians of both classes
The handing-over of Sabres between the valedictorians of both classes. (Photo: AGM)

After the conclusion of the ceremony, the incoming cadets will take part in the following event: the presentation to the Virgin of El Pilar.

The sabre, symbol of the officiality
The sabre, symbol of the officiality. (Foto: AGM)