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The Cadet Decalogue

Its origin dates back to 1927 so as to compile, in brief and striking sentences, what the expression "the Esprit of La General" implied. Once the applicant passed the entrance exam, he received the Cadet Commission at home and also, among other things, the Cadet Decalogue. Currently, cadets are provided with it at their arrival at the Academia. They will always take it with them, at least, at the beginning when they must learn it by heart and, above all, assimilate its content. The fact that it is recited during the daily act of night control also contributes to this aim.

It is composed of ten articles, their aim being that the fundamental military virtues should be embedded in the cadets from the very beginning. These military virtues uphold the cadet’s professional spirit and, in the same way, as the Hippocratic Oath, determine the best way to proceed along their military career.

The Cadet Decalogue
The Cadet Decalogue

The Academia General Militar counts, in the corridors of its ground floor, with eleven beautiful pictures of Sevillian pottery with the text of the printed articles.

Its text has survived to the present in its almost original wording. Only the first article, referring to Loyalty, has suffered some changes along time, motivated by the successive political changes which have taken place in Spain since its original version.

The current text of the Cadet Decalogue, perfectly aligned with the Army Royal Regulations, is as follows:

Article 1º.- Bear true faith and allegiance to the mother country and profess loyalty to the King, openly portrayed in all the events of their lives.

Article 2º.- Have a great military spirit, reflected in their vocation and discipline.

Article 3º.- Unite pure chivalry and steady determination to protect their reputation.

Article 4º.- Be diligent and efficient in their service and duties.

Article 5º.- Never spread nor tolerate rumors.

Article 6º.- Be appreciated by both subordinates and superiors.

Article 7º.- Volunteer for all kinds of sacrifice, looking forward to serving in the most demanding situations.

Article 8º.- Feel a noble comradeship sacrificing oneself for others and rejoicing at their achievements.

Article 9º.- Feel a great love of responsibility and decisiveness.

Article 10º.- Be brave and selfless.