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Cadet´s Daily Routine

Military Training

One of the essential and very important parts in the formation of would-be Army Officers is the one devoted to the training as combatants and the commanding training exercises in small units.

For this purpose, first-year cadets devote nine weeks in the year, and seven in the rest of the courses, divided into September, February and June.

Second-year military training activities.
Second-year military training activities. (Photo: Javi Cobu/AGM)

Cadets carry out different activities such as marches, topographic routes, training exercises with the assault rifle and hand weapon firing exercises with simulator, live fire exercises with different individual and crew weapons, the assault course exercises, the combatant’s individual training, etc. Everything in a daily or night environment under any weather conditions.

Cadets make a snowshoe march
Cadets make a snowshoe march. (Photo: Arcarazo/AGM)

They also get trained taking part in small units and exercising command and control of their own comrades:

  • First-year: Buddy team and team.
  • Second-course: Squad.
  • Third-course: Platoon.
  • Fourth-course: Specific units of their branch.

Urban combat training exercises in built-up areas.
Urban combat training exercises in built-up areas. (Photo:AGM)