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Parades and Ceremonies

Second-lieutenant Commission Ceremony

During this event those cadets who meet all the requirements set in their respective syllabus receive their commission as Second-lieutenants .

Although this promotion is regarded as a temporary post, it has a special meaning for those who get their first rank as an officer: the longed-for six-pointed star.

The Commandant hands over one of the Commissions
The Commandant hands over one of the Commissions (Photo: AGM)

Getting this first star as an officer implies a higher degree of responsibility , since from now on they will have to actively participate in the formation of previous years comrades.

A momento of the Ceremony
A momento of the Ceremony(Foto: AGM)

The sequence of acts of the military parade is as follows:

  • Honors to the presiding authority of the event.
  • Troops inspection.
  • Thanksgiving prayer.
  • The hand-over of the Second-lieutenant Commission to the valedictorians of each Branch and Corps.
  • The hand-over of the Second-Lieutenant Commission to the rest of the students.
  • Awards Ceremony.
  • Awards ceremony for the most outstanding cadets.
  • Changing of the Standard bearers.
  • Commandant's speech.
  • Homage to those who gave their life for Spain.
  • Academia General Militar Anthem.
  • Withdrawal of forces and parade.

Changing of the Standard bearers
Changing of the Standard bearers. (Photo: AGM)

Nowadays this event takes place in mid-October for the cadets of the Escala de Oficiales del Cuerpo General del Ejército de Tierra (Army Officers), Escala Superior de Oficiales de la Guardia Civil (Civil Guard Officers) and for the Cuerpo de Intendencia (Quartermaster Corps), and in December for the cadets who belong to the Escalas Superior y Técnica de Oficiales del Cuerpo de Ingenieros Politécnicos (Polytechnical Engineers Corps).