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The Army’s Antarctic Campaign is composed of:

  • Permanent structure of the Antarctic Campaign.
  • Structure during the Activation Phase for all matters related to the Campaign commander as leader of the contingent.
  • Support bodies to the Army’s Antarctic Campaign.

Permanent structure during Activation Phase

Support bodies


Maintaining a Spanish presence in Antarctica, in compliance with the agreements signed by Spain within the framework of the Antarctic Treaty and its Protocols, ensuring the strict observance of and respect for international laws relative to that continent.

Cooperating with the Ministry of Education in the scientific research carried out on Deception Island and at any other site in Antarctic territory which might be designated, by providing support in the following areas:

  • Logistics: Foodstuffs, infrastructure, engines, health.
  • Communications.
  • Environmental management, including monitoring the environmental impact of human activities such as tourism.
  • Travel in the area, by land or sea.
  • Security in emergency situations caused by the surrounding orography and climate.

Keeping the facilities, materiel and equipment of the base “Gabriel de Castilla” in good working condition, thus ensuring that research and tests are carried out with the maximum degree of safety for the personnel whilst minimising environmental impact in the area.

Developing research and tests of interest to the Army.

Publicising the presence and activities of the Army in Antarctica among the Armed Forces, the scientific world and society in general.

Members of the 39th Antarctic Campaign

Position Name Task/Area of expertise
Maj. A. Salas Base Commander
Maj. F. Rodríguez Logistics
Maj. P. Solís Environment & Bromatology
Maj. G. De La Fuente Health
Sgt. Maj. M. Loshuertos Movement & Navigation
Cap. E. Macías CIS
Staff Sgt. F. Jiménez Engines
Staff Sgt. D. Núñez CIS Project
Sgt. J. F. Garcés Engines
Warr. Off. 1st cl. L.M. Lavilla Facilities
Sgt. F. Pérez Facilities
Corp. G. G. Ingelmo Foodstuffs
Corp. G. Crespo Foodstuffs



Preparatory Activities

During the Activation Phase, different research and logistic support activities take place on Deception Island. These activities can be followed in the Operations Journal.

But the Activation Phase would not be possible without an intense Campaign Planning & Preparation Phase during which the following activities take place:

  • Personnel selection.
  • Identifying the support required for the research projects promoted by the Ministry of Education.
  • Specifying the tasks and research projects of interest to the Army.
  • Specifying, defining, acquiring, preparing and collecting the equipment necessary.
  • Training the personnel in the techniques and procedures which will be used for navigation and movements on foot around Deception Island as well as those to be implemented in case of emergency.

During the Planning & Preparation Phase, the personnel take a course to prepare for life in Antarctica which includes the following modules:

  • Module I: Basic concepts, offered at Logistic Brigade HQ and at the Antarctic Equipment Depot of the 41st Logistic Support Group (both in Zaragoza).
  • Module II: Life and movement in a mountain environment, which takes place in the area between Campo, Benasque and Bierge (Huesca).
  • Module III: Navigation.