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Permanent Action Plan

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Number: 4451

Five focal points

Personal motivation, the implementation of a new structure, unit recruitment level, resource optimisation and the promotion of activities to spread a Defence culture: Those are the five focal points on which the Chief of the Army Staff, Army General Jaime Domínguez Buj, plans to focus Army action until 2017.

That is reflected in the Permanent Action Plan 2014-2017, which has been revised half way through the period to adjust its general orientation and priorities.

In the revision, the Chief of the Army Staff has established as one of the priorities until 2017 to maintain high levels of motivation among the personnel and guarantee their professional training. Regarding the new structure, an effort should be made in its implementation so that the units keep high levels of recruitment and resources are optimised during the transition period.

Finally, the fifth focal point identified in the Plan – which is the document underlying the Army’s global strategy – is the promotion of activities to raise awareness among wider society of the importance of the Defence sector and of the role of the Army within it.

The aim of the Plan is to further improve the Army’s level of effectiveness and ensure that its units are motivated, well equipped and prepared to fulfil any mission they might be entrusted with.

Diagram of objectives to be achieved

Diagram of objectives to be achieved (Photo: DIVPLA)