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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra


Tierra Digital edition nº 53 February 2020

Feature articles

miércoles 18 de marzo de 2020

Squaring the circle

Squaring the circle

Have you ever wondered why a certain unit is deployed at a specific time and to a specific location? Far from being a random or casual decision, the reason behind this designation is the result of a complex fitting together of pieces, which has to allow a response to all the commitments that the units of the Army have at both the internal and international level. Bearing in mind that these commitments include foreign operations - as part of NATO, the United Nations and the European Union -, participating in multinational structures, supporting civilian authorities and the permanent national contingency plans which require them to keep forces available for surveillance and presence tasks.

lunes 9 de marzo de 2020

Two friendly teams in the Spanish field

Two friendly teams in the Spanish field

The Dutch and Spanish Special Operations teams train in the ‘San Gregorio’ Training Centre and share procedures regarding their upcoming deployment in Afghanistan, where both will provide troops.

lunes 17 de febrero de 2020

Mali, the most human side

Mali, the most human side

Throughout November, the ‘King Alfonso the 13th Brigade, II in the Legion, took over in Mali. As the majority of the 15th Spanish contingent, they gave continuity to the European Union’s Training Mission, and to those projects which were being developed. Although the Spaniards’ main job is to provide a protection force and train the Malian soldiers, they cannot leave out the most human side of the mission, which is carried out by the Civil-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) team

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