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The Chief of the Army Staff Opens the ‘Garellano’ Regiment Exhibition in Bilbao

Monday, December 3, 2012

Number: 2022

Aurresku of honour during the opening ceremony

Aurresku of honour during the opening ceremony (Photo:45th Light Infantry Regiment)

Visiting the weapons exposition

Visiting the weapons exposition (Photo:45th Light Infantry Regiment)

Parade on Base ‘Soyeche’

Parade on Base ‘Soyeche’ (Photo:45th Light Infantry Regiment)

On 30th November the Chief of the Army Staff presided over the opening ceremony for the Bilbao and its ‘Garellano’ Regimient. 125 Years Together exhibition, accompanied by the mayor of the capital of Vizcaya, Mr. Iñaki Azkuna, and other civilian and military authorities.  The show will remain open to the public until 9th December at the Basurto District Municipal Centre.

This exhibition has been promoted by 45th Light Infantry Regiment ‘Garellano’ and has had support from the City Council.  Its aim is to offer a view of the history of Bilbao during the last 125 years through the life of the Regiment, to which end various documentary films are being projected and various military material exhibited, both historical and present-day.

The 45th Light Infantry Regiment is one of the town’s oldest institutions, as it has even given the name to one of its neighbourhoods.  Owing to this, the intention is to return to Bilbao residents a little known part of their history, by remembering such important moments as the arrival of the Regiment in Orduña (Vizcaya), its deployment in Cuba and Morocco, the base opening in Basurto or its participation in international missions. 

Visiting Base ‘Soyeche’

That same day, the Chief of the Army Staff carried out a tour of Base ‘Soyeche’ in Munguía (Vizcaya), 45th Light Infantry Regiment headquarters. On his arrival Army General Jaime Domínguez Buj was received with official honours by a 3rd/45th Light Infantry Battalion ‘Guipúzcoa’ company. Later, the Regiment commander, Colonel Luis San Gil, offered a presentation on the current situation of Regiment ‘Garellano’.

Following this, the Chief of the Army Staff held a meeting with the 45th Light Infantry Regiment commanding officers and another with the troop.  He encouraged them all to continue carrying out their duties with the same professionalism that they have always shown.  To conclude, the army general also met with a group of former Regiment members and those of the Veterans’ Association.