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  • Theoretical session during the course

    Friday, May 17, 2024

    Personnel of the HQ NRDC-ESP deliver the NATO Land Tactical Planning Course at the Sweden Armed Forces International Center.

    The NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Spain Headquarters delivered the NATO Land Tactical Planning course at the Sweden Armed Forces International Center (SWEDINT) from 15 to 26 April 2024.

  • Palacio de Colomina (Cardenal Herrera-CEU University)

    Tuesday, May 14, 2024

    Valencia hosts the Fifth Edition of the NATO Information Environment Assesstment Tiger Team Conference

    The event was attended by more than 100 participants, including civilians and military personnel from 27 countries, all of them professionals in the information environment. It is worth mentioning the presence of personnel from NATO, the European External Action Service, the European Union, the United States Command in Europe, the United Nations, military personnel from various countries, as well as representatives from the academic and business worlds.

  • First contingent departs from Madrid

    Wednesday, March 13, 2024

    Military personnel from the HQ NRDC-ESP begin deployment in Slovakia.

    The personnel being deployed are part of the Corps Forward Element (CFE) of the Warfighting Corps HQ offered by Spain as the framework nation, on the Eastern flank.

  • FCC at the  HQ NRDC-ESP.

    Friday, February 23, 2024

    Exercise Steadfast Cobalt 24 – Final Coordination Conference at the HQ NRDC-ESP

    HQ NRDC-ESP hosted the Final Coordination Conference (FCC) of the Steadfast Cobalt 2024 (STCO24) exercise from 19 to 23 February 2024, attended by 150 military and civilian personnel at its facilities in Bétera (Valencia).

  • Planning during the exercise.

    Thursday, February 22, 2024

    HQ NRDC-ESP participates in Exercise Dynamic Front 24 with NATO Allies

    WIESBADEN, Germany – Approximately 1000 NATO Allied and partner soldiers from over 20 countries participated in an exercise with both, live and simulated fire, from 5 to 25 February. Dynamic Front 24, an artillery-centric, dynamic exercise, took place in Germany, Poland, Romania, Spain and Türkiye.