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Ctra. Portacoeli s/n

46117 Bétera (Valencia)

Tfno. 96 1605000

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The Military Base is 2km NW of Betera, and 16km from Valencia, the third Largest City in Spain.


Valencia is at the centre of the Spanish Mediterranean coast and has an ideally central location on the western side of the Mediterranean Sea. From a historical point of view, Valencia has always been, and still is, a natural bridgehead between the mainland and the Mediterranean islands and other nations.
Valencia’s industry is very diverse, and includes the manufacture of automobiles, textiles, agricultural, footwear, furniture, and ceramics. Valencia has one of the main ports on the Spanish Mediterranean. Valencia has become a very important commercial port of Spain and the Mediterranean zone.
The coast of the Valencian Community has a mild climate and is the ideal site for holidays all year round. The average temperature during the last 30 years was 17.8º C, with only 62 cloudy days and almost 3,000 hours of sunshine. The relative humidity was 65%.
One aspect that should not be overlooked is the high number of foreigners who live in Valencia nowadays. There are numerous French, German, Dutch, Italian, Swedish communities, both in the tourist areas as well as in the city itself, due to the traditional hospitality of the region and the high number of multinational businesses that have been set up in Valencia. Because of the aforementioned facts, all foreign personnel posted in a Multinational HQ will be able to enjoy a cultural environment similar to their own, the support of their fellow countrymen, as well as religious services, etc., in addition to the help which their Spanish colleagues will indubitably offer them.


Betera, with approximately 18.000 inhabitants, is 15 kilometres from the city of Valencia and very well connected by bus and by the subway network.
It is located to the northwest of the capital and it has an average altitude of 120 metres. The predominant cultivation is the orange. The municipal area has several hotels (with 150 beds) and a golf club. The more important festivals are in the month of August.
The oldest evidence of its foundation date is from the VIII century BC. It also has vestiges of castles from the Muslim period.
For some years this town’s surroundings have are been used for the construction of residential housings. As a matter of fact, over the last few years a great number of residential areas have proliferated in this zone. Towns such as Naquera, Serra, Marines, La Eliana along with Betera host residential areas in which single family houses or flats to rent or buy can be found.