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Cuartel General del Mando de Tropas de Montaña

Escudo del Mando de Tropas de Montaña

Advantages of serving in the unit

Facilities and services

The Mountain Troops Command Headquarters is located in Pamplona, Navarre, in the middle of Pamplona´s basin.

Pamplona, with a bit more than 200.000 inhabitants, is located on both sides of the Arga river and it is both Navarre´s financial and trade center besides being the “Foral” Community´s administrative center and seat of the main national and regional institutions.

It was founded more than two thousand years ago by the Roman General Cneo Pompeyo receiving the name of Pompaelo. It is currently a middle-size town with automotive industry (led by the Volkswagen factory) and services as main drivers of its economy. It offers remarkable social and educational services: various educational institutions (including three universities) and the health services (with a cancer treatment center that is reference center in Spain). 

It is connected with the rest of the country by an airport, a programmed connection with the high speed railway and a bus station.

In addition to its location, there are a number of benefits when serving in the Mountain Troops Command Headquarters that everyone willing to change of station should consider.

These benefits are:

·         to serve in an Army elite unit, recently activated but with the long tradition of the Units that made up the Mountain Troops Command.

·         the possibility of deploying abroad in international operations or exercises or in bilateral activities with the armies of other nations.

·         to participate in humanitarian operations.

·         the possibility of carrying out military activities like skiing and climbing as part of your military training.

Besides this, there are facilities and services within the Mountain Troops Command´s barracks at the disposal of its personnel:

·         Gym.

·         Sports fields.

·         Dining hall.

·         Coffee shops.

·         Training and education facilities.

Through the Personnel Support Offices (OFAP,s), and within the framework of the Quality and Functioning plans, the following activities are offered:

·         Direct personnel support activities, like the management and assessment of private documentation, providing forms, models and templates as well as the necessary aid to fill them up, and process the request of housing, aids, subsidies...

·         Sociocultural activities (language, office automation and driving courses, High School classes, access and advice for admission to military academies and Guardia Civil, etc.)

·         Sports-recreational activities (civic-military races such as the famous San Cristóbal XTREM). Also, participation in regional and national military competitions is encouraged.