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Cuartel General del Mando de Tropas de Montaña

Escudo del Mando de Tropas de Montaña


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unidades de la division san marcial
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unidades de la division san marcial
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unidades de la division san marcial


Welcome to the webpage of the Mountain Troops Command, a formation reporting to Division “San Marcial”.

General Lozano


As a result of the reorganization process undertaken by the Army a few years ago, the Mountain Troops Command (MTM), heir of the mountain units tradition, is activated by Order DEF 708/2020. Said Order establishes that “The Command is a set of units under one command, organized, equipped and trained to provide mountain and extreme weather warfare capability in those operations where this capability is needed”.

The activation of the MTM answers the call to optimize the Mountain units’ preparation, use and equipment, ensuring the specific capability of mountain and extreme cold weather warfare while looking out for keeping the unique style, spirit and know-how of these units. In the previous Army organizational structure, although the Mountain Chasseurs Infantry Regiments (RICZM) retained their specific nature, the fact that they were under non-specific Mountain Brigades meant that some of these responsibilities were partially blurred. Moreover, being under said brigades deterred the use of the mountain units in other tactical formations.

The MTM consists of a reduced HQ (Pamplona) and two RICZM, the 64th "Galicia" (Jaca) and the 66th "América" (Berrioplano), with one Mountain Chasseurs Battalion each. The 64th RICZM "Galicia" adds also a Climbers-Skiers Company, which is the most specialized unit in this area. The MTM has neither Combat Support nor Combat Service Support units. The formation under which it deploys must provide these supports. It is obvious that the main unique capability of the MTM´s units is their ability to fight in mountain and extreme cold areas, and, for that, they require very specific training, experience, procedures, material and equipment. Furthermore, as they are basically high-readiness, cohesion, low-demanding Light Infantry units under Division “San Marcial”, they are particularly fit for early-entry and air-assault operations as well as to support Special Operations.

“United by the mountain”


Latest news of the unit

Celebración DUM-23

Thursday, June 1, 2023


El 31 de mayo organizado por el Mando de Tropas de Montaña se ha celebrado el Día de las Unidades de Montaña en el Acuartelamiento de Aizoain en Berrioplano (Navarra).

11 de marzo. Memorial Tuca de Paderna 2023

Saturday, March 11, 2023

Homenaje a los fallecidos en el alud de la Tuca de Paderna en 1991

El pasado 11 de marzo tuvo lugar el tradicional Memorial Tuca de Paderna en el valle de Benasque.