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Armoured Vehicles Museum

The Armoured Vehicles Museum of the Army opens its doors two Saturdays per month.

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How to arrange a visit to the Armoured Vehicles Museum of the Army.

Access to MUMA


The Army’s Armoured Vehicles Museum of the Army (MUMA in its Spanish acronym) can be visited at the military base “El Goloso”.

The personnel in charge of maintenance are posted to the 61st Armoured Infantry Regiment “Alcázar de Toledo”. The Regiment was created in 1922, when the Army first acquired thanks, and it can therefore be considered the custodian of the history of Spanish armoured units.

MUMA’s main objective is to disseminate the history of the Spanish Army’s armoured units through the exhibition of their materiel.

In this site you will learn about the vehicles and other materiel in the MUMA collection and will find the information necessary to arrange a visit to its facilities.

Latest news of the unit


Thursday, May 23, 2024

El MUMA participa en la XVII edición Museo Vivo en Valencia

Ya son siete años consecutivos de colaboración

La familia junto a personal del RIAC 61

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Un sueño cumplido

El MUMA enfunda de ilusión a una familia de Bilbao