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The ‘Force 2035’ conferences come to an end with a day dedicated to protection

Monday, September 23, 2019

Number: 7596

The final conference in a series dedicated to the different functions of ‘Force 2035’ was held on the 18th of September in the Academy of Engineers in Hoyo de Manzanares (Madrid) and focussed on the Force’s protection needs and the solutions offered by the industry in this area.

The opening of the talks was led by the Chief of the Logistics Support Command, Lieutenant General Pardo de Santayana, accompanied by the Chief of the Directorate of Acquisitions, General García de las Hijas. This was followed by a section in which the Army presented the Force’s protection needs against every kind of threat in every field (personnel protection as well as protection of land and aircraft platforms), including physical protection by active and passive means and nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological (NBCR) protection in the electromagnetic field.

Then, the companies presented their proposals in the field of physical protection and NBCR, active protection and Electronic Warfare. Regarding physical protection and NBCR, they discussed ballistic protection systems and passive protection of the combatant, special wheels for the 8x8s, NBCR suits with detection and decontamination functions or gas micro-sensors based on nanomaterials for the detection of chemical agents of security interest. With regards to active protection, they presented rapid concealment and camouflage systems countermeasures based on photonic technology or inhibitors.

This workshop brings to a close the activities organised by the Directorate of Acquisitions from the Logistics Support Command, in collaboration with the Sub-directorate General of Planning, Technology and Innovation from the General Directorate of Weapons and Equipment from the Ministry of Defence, with the general aim of making available the arms and equipment systems thought of in the development of ‘Force 35’ through the exchange of information between the Army, industry and universities and technological associations.

The next meeting with the industry will take place at the 2nd edition of the Army-Industry forum which will be held from the 1st to the 3rd of October in the Army Museum in which they will discuss the major challenges for ‘Force 2035’ and the conclusions from the first tests carried out by the 2035 Brigade.

The workshop was held in the Academy of Engineers

The workshop was held in the Academy of Engineers