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The green berets collaborate in conserving the Alicante coast

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Number: 6058

On 24 May, a group of personnel from the Special Operations Command (MOE) collaborated with local brigades from Orihuela in the cleaning of the steepest zones of the coast close to the “Teniente Morejón”, where the green berets normally undertake their water training.

This detachment is found in the Cabo Roig zone, a special bird protection zone and a place of importance for the marine community. The troops will be in charge of removing objects from the areas of the natural paradise that are more difficult to access, putting into practise the infiltration techniques that they have mastered in order to access the steepest areas.

This is the second time that the MOE have collaborated in this task, which is widely appreciated by people of the area. The Orihuela City Council thefore requested that soldiers participated once again this year, along with local teams, in order to carry out the coastal cleaning tasks.

The soldiers accessed the steepest areas

The soldiers accessed the steepest areas (Photo:MOE)