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The 1st Intelligence Regiment Receives its Colour

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Number: 884


The benefactress kisses the Colour

The benefactress kisses the Colour (Photo:M.Molines/Levante)

The 1st Intelligence Regiment, located on Base "San Juan de Ribera" in Valencia, received its Colour on 4th May.  The ceremony was presided over by the commander of the High Readiness Land Headquarters, Lieutenant General Sánchez-Lafuente. The benefactress of the Colour, awarded by the ministress of Defence in March 2010, was the president of the Valencia Autonomous Government High Court of Justice, Ms. Pilar de la Oliva.


Presentation of the Colour to the Regiment commander

Presentation of the Colour to the Regiment commander (Photo:M.Molines/Levante)

In her address, the benefactress emphasised the excellent assessment that the Armed Forces have at present in society as a whole.  She also wished to pay tribute to all the service persons who have given their life in defence of Spain, as well as to their families.  Later Ms. Pilar de la Oliva kissed the Colour and presented it to the Regiment commander, Colonel Fernando Herrero. Subsequently, the latter made mention of the most important missions assigned to the unit, both in Spain and abroad.   The ceremony concluded with a military parade.

The Regiment is a relatively young unit, created in 2005, when the structure of the 1st Intelligence Group of that time was expanded.  Currently, it has three groups: Intelligence, Collection and Psychological Operations.  This is the largest unit of this type existing in Spain and is involved in all international missions in which the Army participates.