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A long with the first Spanish force, the members of the National Logistics Support Element (NSE), made up of around 300 men and women belonging to various logistics units throughout Spain, arrived in Skopje, capital of the Former Yugoslavian Republic of Macedonia, at the end of June 1999. 

Their mission is to provide the units in Kosovan territory with a supply of necessary resources (food, uniforms, fuel and ammunition, among others), carry out tasks of vehicle and equipment maintenance, as well as manage personnel and cargo transport to the units and from the operations zone to national territory.


Detached at the Petrovec and Katlanovo bases, as needed they are also in charge of activating the Pristina air terminal and the Tesalónica (Greece) maritime terminal.

Likewise, the NSE provides medical care coverage to Spanish troops through the Advance Medical Echelon.

The logistics support personnel are relieved every four months.