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Spanish army
Ministry of Defence
Spanish army

Ejército de Tierra

Operation Alba

In order to respond to the humanitarian crisis in Albania in 1997, the UN Security Council approved Resolutions 1101 and 1104 authorising the creation of a mission and the establishment of a multinational force to be deployed to that country. Its task would be to guarantee and facilitate the delivery and distribution of humanitarian aid and provide a safe working environment in which international organisations could operate – particularly de OSCE during its monitoring of the parliamentary elections.

The Multinational Protection Force was led by Italy and included troops from eight countries, including Spain. The Spanish force was composed of a 250-strong battalion drawn from the 10th Legion Battalion and a 75-strong Logistics Echelon designated by the Army’s Logistics Support Command, as well as other personnel integrated at the HQ of the Operation Commander (COMALBA).

During their stay in the area of operations from 15 April to 20 July 1997 the Spanish troops escorted 386 humanitarian convoys and OSCE teams and carried out 152 reconnaissance missions to guarantee road safety.