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ASPFOR XV has just completed the relief of the previous Spanish task force, ASPFOR XIV, and is now in charge of the Provincial Reconstruction Team in Badghis province (Afghanistan). The bulk of its troops come from the 7th Airborne Light Infantry Brigade "Galicia" (known as BRILAT).

The Transfer of Authority took place on 19 October at the Spanish base of Qala-i-Naw, capital of the Badghis province. It was presided over by Brigadier General Antonio Satta, commander of ISAF Regional Command-West, and by General José María Prieto Martínez, commander of BRILAT. During the ceremony, Colonel Rafael Roel Fernández was handed over command of the base by outgoing Colonel Fernando Lázaro Cárdenas, who was awarded the “NATO Medal”.

ASPFOR XV is made up of 430 soldiers, who constitute the military component of the Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), based in Badghis. BRILAT works alongside the Expeditionary Logistic Force, whose personnel come mainly from the 61st Logistic Support Group in Valladolid.

This Spanish contingent is expected to stay in Afghanistan for four months. Its main tasks will be providing security to the detachment, carrying out escort tasks and supporting the provincial government and the districts in their efforts to achieve a safe, stable and democratic environment.