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8th EUTM Mali (European Union Training Mission)

8th EUTM Mali left in May to take part in the European Union mission to train the army of that African country.

The contingent is made up of 94 soldiers, 86 of them from the 2nd Cavalry Brigade ‘Castillejos’ (Zaragoza). A captain of the 4th Regiment ‘Pavía’, which provides the bulk of the troops, is the commander of the base in Koulikoro where they are stationed. 80 soldiers are carrying our protection tasks; the rest are distributed among the teams charged with training, logistics, and other tasks.

This contingent relieved 7th EUTM Mali, made up of troops from the 11th Mechanised Brigade, based in Badajoz.

Inspección Instalaciones de Kasai con CEMA

Inspección Instalaciones de Kasai con CEMA