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10th EUTM Mali (European Union Training Mission)

 In May 2017, a contingent replacement took place in EUTM Mali, the African country’s training mission that is controlled buy the European Union.


EUTM-Malí supplies the Mali army with military training and advises on the control and command chains, logistics and management of human resources management, along with international humanitarian law.


The 10th EUTM- Mali is made up of a contingent of 190 soldiers, most of them belonging to the Armoured Infantry Regiment "Alcázar de Toledo" of the 12th Guadarrama Brigade, with headquarters at the El Goloso base in Madrid. The Brigade participates along with personnel from the 12th Artillery Group and from the Transmissions Company.


They currently remain deployed in the Multinational Operations Zone Headquarters (MHQ) of the missions and the Advisory Task Force (ATF) in Bamako, as well as in the Training Task Force (TTF), the combined protection company (ESP – BEL), and teams of Special Operations Instructors, with personnel from the Special Operations Command, and the Artillery and Mortars Command in Koulikoro. Finally, they also benefit from the addition of a Spanish Officer in the Brussels Strategic Cell in order to coordinate this operation to the highest degree.