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Ground Forces 2035



The F2E+i concept has been designed in order to define the Army’s short, medium and long term needs and to place it at the vanguard of technological development, which Force 35 will require. It is a meeting place for the Army and the defence industry, with contributions from Spanish universities, where the different groups can work together and share their perspectives with the aim of creating a highly modern, technologically advanced force.



F2E + i
  • F2E+i Concept

    • Concept: Army, businesses and innovation forum (F2E+i, to use the Spanish abbreviation)

      This concept will be brought to life through two kinds of activities:

      • WORKSHOPS. At a basic level, they are bimonthly meetings between businesses and the Army, intended to establish a direct and specific forum for debate about a combat capacity or function. During these meetings the Army will present what it needs in order to achieve its objectives. Companies, as well as universities and technology centres and associations will present their projects and equipment to satisfy the needs for these specific capacities, opening new avenues for research and experimentation.


      • ARMY AND BUSINESS FORUMS. At a higher level, the objective is to formalise a global forum between the Army and business. This idea will be realised in a yearly meeting which, through the exchange of information, will synthesise needs (from the Army), productive capabilities (from businesses) future technologies (from universities and technological associations or centres), identifying integrated combat systems and research, development and innovation projects. This will principally be carried out through analysing the results of the workshops. This level of cooperation will foster the creation of temporary unions between businesses and consortiums.



  • 2019 Workshops


  • Workshop schedule

    • Workshop 0: Encampment and team equipment

      Location: Provisions and Administration Equipment Park and Centre, Villaverde (Madrid)

      Date: 15th of November 2018

    • Workshop 1: Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS)

      Location: Colonel Maté Base, Colmenar Viejo (Madrid)

      Date: 30th of January 2019

    • Workshop 2: Anti-aircraft defence

      Location: Headquarters of the Anti-aircraft Artillery Command, Fuencarral (Madrid)

      Date: 30th of March 2019

    • Workshop 3: Fire

      Location: Principe Base, Paracuellos del Jarama (Madrid)

      Date: 9th of March 2019

    • Workshop 4: Command and control

      Location: El Goloso Base (Madrid)

      Date: 21st of May 2019

    • Workshop 5: Manoeuvre

      Location: Principe Base, Paracuellos de Jarama (Madrid)

      Date: 13th of June 2019

    • Workshop 6: Protection

      Location: Engineers Academy

      Date: 18th of September 2019


    Link to sign up for businesses, universities, associations etc…:

    Portal de Tecnología e Innovación del Ministerio de Defensa





    The first International Security and Defence Trade Fair (FEINDEF, to use its Spanish abbreviation) to be held in Spain will take place from the 29th to the 31st of May in pavilion 8 at IFEMA, Madrid. The event’s slogan is ‘Technology for a safer society’.

    The Army will attend with its own stand and a range of equipment, as well as participating in different forums and discussions which will be held across the three days.






    In the next section, you will find information related to the different equipment which the Army will be exhibiting.


    Equipment: ‘Force with an advantage’.