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The 7th Brigade ‘Galicia’ (BRILAT) goes to Poland

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Number: 004_vjtf

In Pontevedra

The brigade at the core of NATO’s VJTF begins its deployments to Poland, where it will conduct three separate exercises.

BRILAT will take part in two multinational exercises to put to the test the capabilities acquired during the preparation phase since the beginning of the year. Over the last few months the Brigade has been increasing its ability to be projected and deployed wherever NATO might require it, which is the main purpose of VJTF. The latter was created as a result of the implementation of a new NATO concept agreed on at the Wales Summit.

The aim of the exercises is to verify that operational capabilities and concepts such as integration and interoperability have been fully mastered and can be developed in a complex joint environment.

The exercises are:

- BRILLIANT JUMP II (17 to 27 May)
- VALIANT FALCON (28 May to 9 June)

As well as the Spanish unit, participants include:
- A British infantry battalion.
- An Albanian company.
- A Polish armoured company.
- A US helicopter company.
- Portuguese observers.

All in all around 2000 troops – over 900, from Spain.


This exercise consists of the activation, projection and deployment of VJTF 16 at the Zagan training area (Poland).

It begins at the Port of Vigo (for the equipment) and the airports of Santiago de Compostela, Adolfo Suárez, Ranón and Manises (for the personnel). The first flight will be on 15 May, but most of the troops will leave on 22 May. The ship is scheduled to depart from the Port of Vigo on 13 May; the equipment will be taken there over the previous days.

Around 250 light and heavy vehicles and 40 containers will be transported.


This exercise consists of two parts, one for command posts and another which will also include their subordinate units. The focus will continue to be on interoperability and procedures, with tactical exercises and combined actions agreed on by all participating countries in order to enhance the cohesion of the VJTF Brigade.