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The Army will take part in the NATO “Venerable Gauntlet” exercise

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Number: 001_vjtf

From August 29 to September 23 in Germany

The Spanish Legion is part of the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force (VJTF 17)

From Aug. 29 to Sep. 23, the Spanish Legion Brigade will take part in the “Venerable Gauntlet 2016” exercise that will be conducted at the British base in Sennelager, Germany. 
This is a multinational exercise led by the United Kingdom in which different units within the Very High Readiness Joint Task Force 17 (VJTF 17) NATO High Readiness Force, will take part. Among these units: a Tactical Group of the Legion composed of the 8th Batallion ‘’Colón’’, Artillery Group and Engineers Batallion. All of them belong to The Legion Brigade (BRILEG) based in Viator, Almería. 
The goals of these manoeuvres are: to improve the interoperability capacities of the VJTF units by 2017 and to provide the framework for the 20th Armored Brigade of the UK national certification HQ.
For this date, the Army will mobilize 300 military personnel who are already perfectly trained by the BRILEG for this occasion, and more than 50 light, heavy and armored vehicles besides Light Gun artillery, among other materials.
The deployment by sea from Almeria to Emden Port of all the Army material started on Aug. 23. The military personnel (legionarios) participating in the exercise will fly between Aug. and Sept.

Boarding of a vehicle at the port in Almeria

Boarding of a vehicle at the port in Almeria (Photo:BRILEG)