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The Logistic Brigade donates 9,000 kg of supplies left over from Trident Juncture to the Food Bank in Zaragoza

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Number: 4699

Personnel from the 21st and 41st Logistic Support Groups, based in Seville and Zaragoza respectively, handed over more than 9,000 kg of supplies to the Food Bank in Zaragoza on 12 November. They had been left over by the US units taking part in the exercise Trident Juncture.

The soldiers needed two trucks to transport the food to the headquarters of the NGO, located at Mercazaragoza. Once there, they unloaded it to assist in the weighing and sorting process.

The supplies consisted mainly of packaged products: several types of combat rations, milk, chocolate milkshakes, coffee, fruit juice, sugar, cakes, condiments, meat, butter, assorted sauces, pastries, soups and salads.

The president of the Food Bank of Zaragoza, José Ignacio Alfaro, expressed gratitude for the donation and highlighted the quantity of ready meals (almost 5,000 kg worth) and milk (more than 1,200 litres).

Delivery of the supplies at the Food Bank

Delivery of the supplies at the Food Bank (Photo: BRILOG)