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The role of Liaison Officers during ‘Trident Juncture’

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Number: 4663

Due to their role as connecting links with their armies or units, Liaison Officers (OFENs, in the Spanish acronym) have been a crucial element within the Functional Staff of the Host Nation Support Coordination Joint Command (EMF HNSC), based at the “Atocha” garrison in A Coruña.

Two OFEN have taken part in the development of the exercise ‘Trident Juncture’ integrated in EMF HNSC: One from the Navy and another from the Joint Logistic Support Group (JLSG).

The main task of the Navy OFEN has been to give visibility to the support offered by EMF HNSC during the exercise by being in constant contact with the Logistic Division of the Navy HQ Staff. In addition, he was in touch with the OFENs stationed at Naval Station Rota and the Sierra del Retín training ground, who reported on their activities on a daily basis.

As for the JLSG OFEN, he has carried out an essential task in the field of logistics because the success of the support offered by JLSG both during the deployment and the development of the operation depended to a great extent on a close relationship and coordination with EMF HNSC. This OFEN channeled and coordinated the flow of information needed to provide assistance when needed and respond to any incident that might occur.

In addition, the OFEN of the Director of Host Nation Support and that of the Air Force have also taken part in certain phases of the exercise.

Liaison officers during the exercise

Liaison officers during the exercise (Photo: FLO)