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Parade Organisation

Parade Command and Staff
Armed Force Veterans

1.- Motorised Group

  • Headquarters and Command 
  • Light Motorised Unit
  • Mixed Artillery Unit 
  • Mixed Support Unit 
  • Military Disaster Relief Unit
  • Mixed Civil Guard Unit

2.- Armoured and Mechanised Group

  • Headquarters and Command
  • Armoured Mechanised Infantry Unit
  • Armoured Cavalry Unit
  • Marine Infantry Unit
  • Mixed Support Unit 

3.-  1st Group on Foot

  • Headquarters and Command 
  • Royal Guard Battalion
  • Colours and Guidons
  • Navy Cadet Battalion
  • Air Force Cadet Battalion
  • Army Cadet Battalion
  • Civil Guard Cadet Battalion

4.-  2nd Group on Foot

  • Headquarters and Command 
  • Navy Battalion
  • Air Force Squadron
  • Army Battalion
  • Military Disaster Relief Unit Company

5.- 3rd Group on Foot

  • Legion Command
  • Legion Battalion
  • “Regulares” Unit Battalion

6.- Horse Mounted Units

  • Royal Battery Horse Mounted Squadron
  • Civil Guard Sabre Squadron