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The Army is organizing the Eighteenth Conference of War Correspondents for media professionals

  • It will be held in Madrid from September 19 to September 23.
  • Applicants will have to forward to the application for registration and the documentation which is specified therein.
  • Intake of applications until July 15.


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Jornadas de Corresoponsales Ejército de Tierra
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Jornadas de Corresoponsales Ejército de Tierra


On September 19, the Eighteenth Conference of War Correspondents organized by the War College and the Communication Department of the Army will start, with the participation of units from Madrid and the company ILUNION “Driving School”.

This conference, open to professionals who develop their work in a news media, aims to share the experience of the Army in foreign operations. Its main purpose is to give the participants knowledge and skills which enable them to carry out their task when they move to a crisis or conflict area. The Army has spent over a decade putting its knowledge, experience and skills at the service of these professionals, carrying out pedagogical work.

Training includes knowledge of health prevention and basic life support, self-protection measures, knowledge of diverse material used in operations, driving and maintenance of vehicles, survival in contaminated areas, mines and improvised explosive devices sensitivity, health prevention in operations areas, etc.

It also includes workshops and mine, boarding, driving day and night practices with embedding in tactical units. The transfers will be carried out by helicopters, all-terrain and combat vehicles.

Program of the conference

Application for registration in .pdf

Application for registration .doc


The deadline, application and conditions to apply for a place in the conference is starting next June 20, ending on July 15. For any doubts or queries, contact the e-mail address  

The number of places will be limited, for organizational reasons, to 25, and the selection will be carried out using the guidelines of the Communication Department of the Army, which reserves for itself the right to decide. The course is free of charge for the participants who will only have to be responsible for the accomodation and travel expenses to Madrid in their case. During the first half of September, it will be notified to all applicants if they have been admitted to the conference or not .