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The Army organises the 12th War Correspondents Workshops for journalists and photographers

The workshops will take place in Madrid and Toledo from 28 September to 3 October

12th War Correspondents Workshops

The 12th War Correspondents Workshops will be launched on 28 September. They will be co-organised by the Army War College, the Army Department of Communication, the army units in Madrid and Toledo and the company TEPESA.

These workshops are open to professionals working for news organisations and aim at sharing the Army’s experience in foreign operations. Their main objective is to provide those taking part with the knowledge and skills which will allow them to carry out their job in a crisis or conflict zone. The Army has been offering training to journalists for over a decade, putting its knowledge, expertise and skills at their disposal.

The training includes information on health prevention and basic life support, self-protection measures, materiel used in operations, driving and maintenance of vehicles, survival in contaminated areas, mine and IED awareness, and bivouac construction and transport. It also includes practical workshops on mines and IEDs, shipment, driving, and daytime and nighttime field operations embedded in tactical units. The troops will be transferred by helicopter, SUV and combat vehicles.

Public information officers and journalists with experience in conflict zones will offer their expertise during the closing day of the workshops.

The registration period for the workshops runs from 14 May until 15 June. For more information, visit or call (+34) 91 780 24 85 / 91 780 20 75.

Workshops programme (pdf)

Application form (pdf)

Summary of 2014 Workshops