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15th War Journalism Conference for media communications professionals

On 1 October the 15th War Journalism Conference will begin, organised by the Army Training School and the Army Communications Department, units of Madrid, Alicante, Toledo and the ILUNION “Driving School.”

The conference, open to professionals who work in informative media, has the aim of sharing the  experiences of the Army with external operations. Its main goal is to provide participants with knowledge and skills that will allow them to carry out their work when they are in zones of crisis or conflict. The Army has been sharing its knowledge, experience and pedagogical skills with professionals for more than a decade.

Training will include paramedic prevention and vital support knowledge, means of self-protection, understanding the various materials used in operations, driving and maintaining vehicles, survival in contaminated areas, awareness of mines and homemade devices, setting up and bivouac transfers.

It will also include workshops and practise sessions about mines, driving, cargo and day and night operations built into tactics units. The transfers will be by helicopter and by all terrain and combat vehicles.

On the last day of the conference there will be presentations about the experiences of public information officials and journalists who have worked in conflict zones.

Registrations will open on 1 June and those interested will be able to view the requirements for taking part in the conference. More information is available here Do not hesitate to email us with any other quieres

There are only 25 places available and participants will be selected under the criteria of the Army Department of Communication, who reserve the right to do so. The course is free for participants whose only costs will be accommodation and transport to and from Madrid, if required. People who have requested a place will be informed whether they have been successful at the start of September.