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Pledge of Allegiance for civilian personnel at the Infantry Academy

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Number: 9590

On April 20th, in Toledo

Information poster

Information poster

The Infantry Academy will once again host the act of Oath to the Flag of Spain of civilian personnel who request it. The event will be held in the Main Square of the teaching center, in Toledo, on April 20th, at 12.00 pm.

The requirements to be able to take the Oath to the Flag are: to have Spanish nationality, to have reached the age of 18 and not to have been declared incapable by a final judicial sentence.

Those interested in participating must fill out an instance. This procedure can be done at the following web address: "Jura de Bandera." Also, in the case of Toledo, it can be done at the Delegation of Defense in Castilla La Mancha, located at Duque de Lerma Street, n 6, -tels. 925 283 376 / 925 284 294; email–.

For clarification of doubts, you can contact the Infantry Academy -tel. 925 247 011; email–.

The maximum number of jurors is 400 and the deadline for submission of applications ends on April 5th.