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20th Anniversary of the Attack in ‘la Cruz Verde’ Square

Friday, February 3, 2012

Number: 1395

February 6th marks the 20th anniversary of the attack perpetrated by the ETA terrorist group in ‘la Cruz Verde’ square in Madrid. Killed in that attack were Captain Juan A. Núñez, Captain Ramón C. Navia, Captain Emilio D. Tejedor, Private Francisco Carrillo and civil servant Mr. Antonio Ricote, who was travelling in one of the minibuses.  All of them were posted to Headquarters in Madrid.

On the occasion of this anniversary, the relatives of the deceased have organised a mass at the Military Cathedral and, subsequently, a floral tribute at the site of the attack.  The ceremonies will be attended by a large delegation from the Army Base Department, led by its commander, General Álvarez-Espejo.