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Carried out in Madrid the 'Workshop 23' Force 35: Anti-aircraft Defense at low and very low altitude

Monday, March 25, 2024

Number: 9613

Participantes en el "Taller 23"

Participants in "Workshop 23"

The head of the Army Logistics Support Command (MALE), Lieutenant General García y García de las Hijas, inaugurated, on March 20th, at the "Capitán Guiloche" barracks (Madrid), the "Workshop 23" Force 35: Anti-aircraft Defense at low and very low altitude, which was attended by the second chief of the Army General Staff, Lieutenant General Escámez Fernández.

With the organization of the MALE Procurement Directorate and the collaboration of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Command (MAAA), the workshop, framed in the concept "F2E+I Force 35," has been focused on identifying the best solution for the future to maintain and increase low and very low altitude anti-aircraft defense. To this end, the lessons learned from current conflicts have been identified and the R+D developments of the General Subdirectorate of Planning, Technology and Innovation related to Anti-Aircraft Artillery have been reviewed.

In his speech, the head of MALE pointed out the importance of this type of event and the need to converge towards a common purpose, since - he assured - "we are facing a situation of opportunity in which new needs, industrial capabilities and financial resources converge that must be used to provide the Army with the means it needs to fulfill its missions."

During the event, the MAAA has outlined its needs in a very precise and concrete way, and it has been concluded that the best solution would be a modular and flexible multi-role platform that could be adapted to the mission and the threat in a specific way.

In the workshop, which ended with a static exhibition and a demonstration of materials made by companies focused on air defense, the Plan Division, the Training and Doctrine Command, the National Institute of Aerospace Technology, the University of Granada and national and foreign companies that are in the program coincident with the General Directorate of Armament and Material in the field of Air Defense have participated.