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The X Brigade applies the concept of Command Posts 'Force 35' during the 'Égida' exercise

Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Number: 9609

One of the Command Posts during the exercise

One of the Command Posts during the exercise

The "Guzmán el Bueno" X Brigade implemented the new conception of the articulation and composition of command posts in a combat brigade defined in the "Concepts of Transformation of Force 35," during the conduct of the "Strong Commitment" operation, developed within the framework of the exercise "Égida" BRI X 2024, which took place, from March 11th to 14th, at the "Cerro Muriano" base, in Córdoba.

During the command post exercise (CPX) "Égida" BRI X 2024, led by the General Headquarters of the "Guzmán el Bueno" Brigade, the command posts of all its subordinate units were deployed, with the main objective of training in the execution of a high-intensity offensive maneuver.

To this end, the "Strong Commitment" operation was carried out, a fundamental milestone in the 2024 preparation program, which meant consolidating the lessons identified from the CPX exercises that were developed in 2023 and those extracted from the "GAMMA 23" exercise.

Currently, command posts must be characterized by a small size and electromagnetic signature and high mobility, since the battlespace requires having the appropriate information at each step in the right time, cope with scenarios with profuse use of unmanned aircraft system and ensure their survival.

During the "Égida" exercise, on the one hand, two small Tactical Command Posts, both with the same capabilities, were established, from which the ongoing operations were conducted, all combat functions were integrated, information and intelligence gathering actions were conducted, and short-term and emergency planning was carried out.

On the other hand, a Support Command Post was established from the rear, in order to attend to the assessment and monitoring of the operations and their planning for a period of more than 72 hours, the direction of the information maneuver, the analysis and dissemination of intelligence and the logistical and health control and movements.

The reduced Tactical Command Posts have been alternating, successively, the conduct of the operation through transfers of authority between them, under the direction of the Support Command Post from the rear, in order to maintain the conduct of the operations on a permanent basis, while a hypothetical acquisition of the simulation system used as a target by the adversary was hindered.