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  • El Ejército de Tierra y la Armada firman un acuerdo de colaboración en materia de sostenimiento
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The Army and the Navy sign a collaboration agreement in the field of maintenance

Friday, January 12, 2024

Number: 9567

Signing of the collaboration agreement in maintenance

Signing of the collaboration agreement in maintenance

The Army and the Navy carried out the signing of the collaboration agreement at the Army Logistics Support Command (MALE) facilities, located in the "Buenavista Palace" barracks (Madrid), Headquarters of the Army, on January 10th. The objective is framed within the strategic initiative to optimize the logistics management and maintenance of armaments and material.

The head of the Logistics Support Command of the Army, Lieutenant General Fernando García y García de las Hijas, and the head of the Logistics Support of the Navy, Admiral Ricardo A. Hernández López, were responsible for formalizing the signature, which seeks to enhance collaboration and avoid duplication of efforts in areas related to the maintenance of common systems.

This step adds to the fruitful collaboration already existing between the Army and the Navy, which has shown great effectiveness in various joint logistical activities, highlighting the Joint Commission for the Management of Army Ships operated by the Navy.

The accumulated experience and joint capacity of both bodies will allow an optimal maintenance of current systems and, looking to the future, will facilitate the entry into service of systems of increasingly advanced technology. This agreement reflects the Ministry of Defence's commitment to harnessing available logistical capabilities in an innovative way, thereby generating economies of scale and improving efficiency in the field of maintenance.