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Crowdfunding Campaign Brings New Statue of the Legion to Life

Friday, January 29, 2021

Number: 8288

New statue of the Legion

New statue of the Legion

Today, January 28, marks the 101st anniversary of the signing of the Royal Decree that created the 3rd Foreign Legion, giving rise to the legionary unit, at the request of the Minister of War and in agreement with the Council of Ministers.
According to the Army Museum Foundation, who is responsible for the project, the crowdfunding campaign for the statue commemorating the centennial continues to receive funds from individuals and companies. The intended location for the completed statue is Madrid.
Those interested in donating can do so through the account created for the project (ES54 0049 2604 4522 1522 4393) or through their mobile by entering the appropriate code (01664) on the Bizum payment platform.
In order to recognize the most significant donations, the Foundation established a scale based on the amount contributed: Those who contribute more than 1,500 euros will receive a scale replica of the statue; for contributions greater than 3,000 euros, the statue will be presented as part of a “Sábado Legionario” ceremony; and, those who contribute more than 6,000 euros will also be invited to the statue´s opening ceremony.
To request a tax deduction documentation of your donation, email the Foundation ( your full name, ID (DNI/NIF), address, and proof or documentation of the transfer.
Bronze Statue
Once the clay mold is completed, the statue with be cast in bronze. The work represents a veteran legionnaire from when the Legion was founded and will measure 2.82 meters high, which, once anchored to its pedestal, will reach 6.32 meters.
The statue is the work of sculptor Salvador Amaya, who also created the sculpture “Heroes of Baler” inaugurated in Madrid at the beginning of  2020 and is based on a sketch from military painter Augusto Ferrer-Dalmau.