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The Spanish Ministry of Defence develops the new organisation of the Spanish Army

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Number: 8060

The Spanish Army modifies its organisation

The Spanish Army modifies its organisation

Order DEF/708/2020, published on the 27th of July in the Official Defence Bulletin,  number 152 of 2020, includes the development of the basic organisation of the Army. The new structure guarantees, based on available resources, the quick and easy generation of the skills required by the Chief of the Defence Staff.

Accordingly, the Force will be reduced to three top-level Commands; the NATO Rapid Deployable Corps Spain Headquarters (HQ NRDC-ESP), the Ground Force (FUTER by its Spanish acronym) and the Canary Islands General Command (MCANA by its Spanish acronym ) of the Army, permitting the transition of organisational structures. Additionally, units with shared responsibilities are grouped together in one organisational group such as the MCANA of the Army, which will incorporate the General Commands of Ceuta, Melilla and the Balearic Islands.

As for the two divisions, they will specialise according to their main tasks. Firstly, the new ‘San Marcial’ Division will be responsible for generating and training units with very specialised skills and rapid deployment (such as paratroopers, mountain infantries, special operations and the Spanish Army Airmobile Forces). Secondly, the new ‘Castillejos’ division will take charge of the Combat Brigades assigned to different missions in the national and international arena.

Additionally, the Army has decided the reorganise the medical capabilities of the Medical Brigade, transforming it into a Medical Group and integrating it into the Logistics Brigade. This reorganisation, which maintains the capabilities previously provided by the Medical Brigade, will enable greater efficiency in the medical personnel placed at the Army’s disposal and increase the effectiveness of medical support during operations.

The Operational Support Command will generate and train different trainers at the Army Corps and Division Levels (such as artillery, engineers, transmissions, logistical support and others).

This ‘Mission Orientated’ organisation improves the Army’s response time to the evolution of its environment which occurs more and more quickly. As such, joint action by the armed Forces is facilitated and particular attention is paid to the prevention of and response time to future pandemics and heath crises. Similarly, the units referred to in this Ministerial Order will perform their tasks and functions as the necessary organisational changes take place. The units referred to in this Ministerial Order (Order DEF/708/2020, the 27th of July) will perform their tasks and functions as the necessary organisational changes take place.

To view the new structure, click here