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The Army, side by side with the population, health workers and law enforcement across all of Spain

Friday, March 27, 2020

Number: 7904

Operation ‘Balmis’

Making masks, one of the examples of solidarity during this pandemic

The 3rd ‘Bandera’ supports Law Enforcement in Yecla

The 3rd ‘Bandera’ supports Law Enforcement in Yecla

The 1st ‘Bandera’ was in Toledo, amongst others

The 1st ‘Bandera’ was in Toledo, amongst others

The masks contain a message of support

The masks contain a message of support

The units of the Army continue to carry out activities collaborating with and in support of the population, healthcare workers and law enforcement within the framework of Operation ‘Balmis’ in order to fight the spread of coronavirus, with interventions in different locations in Spain.

This was the case yesterday for the areas of Toledo city, Talavera de la Reina, Valencia, Marines, Murcia city and Yecla, where members of the 6th ‘Almogávares’ brigade carried out patrols to support the civilian population and to support the restrictions of movement enforced by the State of Alarm. In the Murcian city of Yecla, the working day began at the gates of its hospital where, along with representatives from Law Enforcement, they gave a warm applause to the centre’s healthcare professionals to say thank you for their work.

In ‘Las Nieves’ hospital in Granada, members of the Calvary Group from the Legion were helping to prepare one of the wings so that more beds could be installed.

There were also lots of disinfection tasks to be carried out, with various units involved in this task across the country: the Nuclear, Biological and Chemical company from the 1st ‘Aragón’ Brigade in a nursing home and and health centre in Castejón de Sos, Huesca; the Sappers Company from the Balearic Island General Command in a residence for disabled people in Palma de Mallorca; and the disinfection team from the 6th Brigade in a nursing home in Torrelodones, Madrid.

In the case of the members of the 16th ‘Canary Islands’ Brigade who were patrolling in Vecindario (Gran Canaria), they even had to intervene along with the Guardia Civil and the Local Police to stop a alleged break-in.

Medical support

As well as collaborating in matters of support and security, the Army is also offering medical support with its specially trained staff. This is the case for the health service from the Field Artillery Command which carries out health checks on the homeless people who are being temporarily housed in the San Esteban sports pavillion of the Leonese capital.

Solidarity masks

In the Canary Islands, where these days the 9th ‘Soria’ Infantry Regiment can be seen in various places in Fuerteventura (where there headquarters is based), will receive between 40 and 50 masks a day made altruistically by two neighbours from the town of Oliva: Manuel Tomesani and Paula Terrazo. Inside every mask are instructions for how to use them and a message of encouragement for the Army.

In the Services Unit from the ‘Cervantes’ Barracks in Granada, civilian staff from the Clothing Supply Point, as well as the family members of soldiers posted there, have also started to make masks.

As well as these altruistic initiatives to make this equipment, which is in such high demand during this health crisis, up to 500 masks are being made a day thanks to the Logistics Support Groups from the Logistics Brigade, with the help of 3D printers.