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The JEME unveils the painting of Felipe VI along with the painter Antonio Montiel

Monday, October 7, 2019

Number: 7636

The Chief of Staff of the Army (JEME, to use the Spanish acronym), General Francisco J. Varela Salas today unveiled a painting of King Felipe VI in the Palacio de Buenavista, the seat of the Army headquarters, along with Antonio Montiel, the painter from Malaga.

In front of 100 people, the artist, who has also been a judge in the Army Prizes since 2016, presented his work and emphasised that he feels like part of the Army family, to whom he presented the painting.

The artist was commissioned to produce the painting coinciding with one of the jury’s meetings for the Army Prizes, and it has now been made real with the signing of the certificate of delivery and deposit in Cultural Goods.

The painting shows His Majesty in his Army uniform and emphasises the depth of the monarch’s gaze: “that’s what I wanted to capture above all else,” explained Montiel. The JEME commented on this exact element, highlighting the expressiveness of the face and gaze and added “now I understand why they call you the painter of the soul.”

Montiel was greeted by the King in the La Zarzuela Palace to take notes and some 400 photographs, from which he created the portrait. The artist has previously painted portraits of the Emeritus King and Queen, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía, as well as many celebrated people such as the Queen of England, Elizabeth II.


El JEME y el pintor tras descubrir la obra

The JEME and the painter after unveiling the work.