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The JEME looks for meeting points with the industry in order to boost Brigade 2035

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Number: 7625

Mesa presidencial en la inauguración del foro

The presidential table during the opening of the fórum.

Asistentes a la primera de las jornadas

Attendees at the first conference.

Puesto de Mando de Batallón en el exterior

The Battalion Command Post outside the fortress.

The Chief of Staff of the Army (JEME, to use the Spanish acronym), General Francisco J. Varela opened the 2nd Army-Industry Forum on the 1st of October in Toledo, where he highlighted the need to look for meeting points with the Defence industry in order to propel the Brigade 2035 concept. With the incorporation of universities into this, the second edition of the forum, the forum has been called 2E+I in Spanish (Army, industry and research in English).

Thus, the JEME has pointed out that the technological impulse of Force 2035 must work with the business sector and has stressed that this support is an "essential" requirement in order to advance towards the new integral combat system. In this regard, the general stressed the need to invest in a reactive Army for the future in the face of a complex scenario characterised by uncertainty.

In the meeting, the managing director of the Army Museum Foundation, General Francisco Ramos Oliver, pointed out that the forum’s objective is that the businesses “listen” to the Army’s needs and see “to what extent they can respond to the challenge”.

For his part, the director of the Acquisitions Division from the Logistical Support Command, General Fernando García y García de las Hijas, indicated that the first step is what has been called the 2035 Experimental Brigade: a continuous cycle of incorporating new capacities, experimentation and lessons learned, in order to advance the definition of the future of the Army.

The 2nd Arm-Industry Forum, which will go on until the 3rd of October in the Army Museum in Toledo, is centred on the slogan “Establishing a safe future”. In it, with the participation of 80 businesses and 16 universities, they will present the conclusions from the theme workshops carried out by the Acquisitions Division from the Army’s Logistical Support Command and the progress in experimentation will be presented. 

Numerous speakers from the military field and from the defence industry exchanged ideas during these three days to try to establish a common line for the future.

Outside the Alcázar de Toledo, a fortress, a Battalion Command Post was erected – from the 12th ‘Guadarrama’ Brigade – which demonstrated the command and control of a Tactical Group.