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  • Una unidad de helicópteros del Ejército de Tierra lidera el batallón multinacional dentro del ejercicio 'Baccarat 19'
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A helicopter unit from the Army leads a multinational battalion in the ‘Baccarat 19’ exercise.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Number: 7586

In France, from the 15th to the 26th of September

The Army’s Aircraft Forces provide 6 helicopters and the ‘King Alfonso the 8th’ Brigade provides a company.

The chief of the Attack 1 Helicopter Battalion led the Multinational Battalion (BATMN) which participated in the ‘Baccarat 19’ exercise which was carried out from the 15th to the 26th of September in the north of France (Ardennes), near the border with Belgium and Germany. The Army provided a tactical helicopter subgroup (with two HA28 Tigers, two HT17 Chinooks and two HT29 NH90s) and a Light Infantry company from the 2nd ‘King Alfonso the 8th’ Brigade from the legion, as well as the necessary personnel to form a Command Post for the Multinational Battalion. This is the first year since this collaboration began that the Army has provided staff from the Infantry.

This is a divisional entity exercise which the French Army carries out on an annual basis and in which the Army Aircraft Forces (FAMET) have been invited to participate in recent years due to the specific high weight of air assets in the manoeuvre. The operational organisation of this edition includes the French 4th Air Combat Brigade (BAC), which includes the Multinational Battalion. The French Army (Armée de Terre) provides this BATMN with a Tactical Subgroup composed of four Tigers, three Gazelles, three Caymans and one Cougar, in addition to the links necessary to properly integrate this combined unit.

A total of 191 soldiers have been moved in order to take part in the manoeuvres: 105 come from the Tercio ‘Alejandro Farnesio IV’ of the Legion, 84 from the FAMET and 2 are observing the exercise. In total, 1,400 soldiers are participating in the exercise as well as 50 helicopters and 50 armoured vehicles. British helicopters will be added to the French and Spanish military forces.

The duties/missions to be performed by the Multinational Battalion during the exercise include:

• Providing a Quick Reaction Force Company (QRF) and fire support to ground units (CCAs) (Tigers).

• Carrying out aerial escorts to aerial and terrestrial movements (Tigers).

• Armed reconnaissance missions (Tigers).

• Attack missions to targets on land (Spanish-French Tigers) of the 4th BAC.

• Helitransport of heavy mortars (Chinook) from the French Infantry.

• Collaborating with the French heliborne QRF (140 soldiers) using Chinook, Caiman and French helicopters.

• Carrying out aerial assault missions with the 2nd Brigade on certain targets.

  Two Spanish Tiger helicopters take part in the exercise.

Two Spanish Tiger helicopters take part in the exercise.