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The Army Chief of Staff inaugurates the V edition of the SYMDEX conference

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Number: 7275

At the Army Polytechnic School

Civilian and military speakers analyse, from 2 to 4 April, the digital transformation in Defence

The Army Chief of Staff (JEME), Army General Francisco J. Varela Salas, inaugurated on April 2 the V edition of the SYMDEX conference, which will bring together public agencies and private companies until April 4 to analyze the digital transformation in Defense, at the Escuela Superior Politécnica del Ejército, in Madrid.

The JEME has inaugurated the first of the conferences, dedicated to the Army, and has emphasized that the personal contributions of the speakers and participants will provide a broad vision in order to achieve a progressive response to the modernization of logistics.

In this regard, he stressed that from the point of view of Force 35, and as a consequence of the European Defence Action Plan, in a few decades most of the main weapons systems of the European Union's armies could be communal. "It is very likely that in the short or medium term the European armies will explore the creation of a European logistical concept together, which will increase efficiency in a combined manner", he stated.

In view of this concept, he stressed the importance of the technology promoted by industry 4.0 and the digital transformation being initiated by the Armed Forces. With this, he stressed that the Force 35 is conceived as a reference unit for initiating actions aimed at embodying the new model. He also referred to the implementation of the functional definition of the technological project of a logistics base that will complement the convergent actions to achieve a modern and efficient army.

The JEME has also pointed out that it is necessary to adapt staff to the rapid implementation of new technologies, as well as coordination with higher bodies of cybersecurity, to minimize risks.

The conference will deal with topics such as the actions of the Ministry of Defence to enable digital transformation, new European initiatives, the R&D policy in Spain and the technologies applied to Force 35, among many others.

After the day dedicated to the Army, the day corresponding to the 3rd of April will be directed towards the Navy and the next and final one to the Air Force.

The JEME at the SYMDEX inauguration

The JEME at the SYMDEX inauguration