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General Millán responsible for the command of the EUTM-Mali Mission

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Number: 6458

General Millán assumes the mission's command

General Millán assumes the mission's command (Photo:JCISAT)

General Enrique Millán Martínez will assume tomorrow, the 31st of January, the command of the European Union Training Mission in Mali (EUTM-Mali) with an estimated duration of 12 months.

Until his appointment as adviser of the Second Chief of General Staff of the Spanish Army, the 30th of November of 2017, general Millan has served at the Systems of Information, Telecommunication and Technical Support Headquarters (JCISAT in Spanish), first as advisor of the unit's chief, position that he occupied until his appointment as deputy director of the JCISAT's Operations of the Network (SUBOPER in Spanish) in April of 2016. During this period of time there have been various and different tasks which benefited the Armed Forces and particularly, the Spanish Army.

The success of his tasks in the JCISAT will be applied for sure in each of his actions as chief of the demanding mission in Mali.