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The Minister of Defense visits the Spanish contingent in Afghanistan

Monday, January 22, 2018

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The Spanish Army will increase its deployment in the Asian country this year

Spain will increase its contribution of personnel to the mission in Afghanistan along this year, and it will exceed the 18 deployed soldiers that currently are there, reaching a maximum of 95 effectives, according to the minister of Defense, María Dolores de Cospedal, in her visit to Kabul carried out the 18th of January.

In her arrival at "Hamid Karzhai" international airport, the minister was welcome at the runway by colonel Alberto J. García Romera, who headed the delegation, and, after charing a simple tribute to those who gave their lifes for Spain, she had a meeting with the Spanish deployed soldiers in their instalations. Afterwards, she travelled by helicopter to the "Resolute Support" operation's Staff, where she also gathered together with the soldiers stationed there.

During his meeting, Cospedal thanked the labour that they carry out "fighting against terrorism and recovering the stability of the country", and she reminded that this task influences the security of their families and of all the Spanish people. She also highlighted the job performed by almost 30.000 men and women belonging to the Armed Forces and the Civil Guatd, since the Spanish presence in Afghanistan started in January 2002.

The Resolute Support Operation started the 1st of January of 2015, as a result of the transition of the previous International Security Assistance Force mission (ISAF), which finished the 31st of December in 2014. Its aim was focused on training and advising the Afghan forces in order to provide the Afghan country with enough capacities to be responsible of its own security.


The Minister of Defense with the Spanish soldiers in Kabul

The Minister of Defense with the Spanish soldiers in Kabul (Photo:Ejército)